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Colin McRae DiRT was the best racing game that one could get
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Colin McRae DIRT was the best racing game that one could get; that is, until GRID came out. Both are developed by Codemasters, who have been making great racing games one after another for more than 10 years. These games are like women to men. The first thing one notices about them is how beautiful they are, the definition of their shapes. The same happens with the cars. Even before we start playing with them (the cars), we are amazed by how refined every little detail is in this game. Everything is shinny and looks real. Then, once the race begins, we are faced with the controls and the maneuverability. Need I say how perfect those factors are? I don't think I have ever played a racing game that was this responsive. You get almost full control of the car. The tracks are gorgeous and the single player mode is so long and hard (if you want it to be), that you will be hooked to it for hours. There are more than 100 races that you can play, and, as long as you win races, you get money to buy more cars. The cars are not customizable but that isn't too bad. This game is available at some resellers for 13.39, which is a great price for such an awesome game.

José Fernández
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  • Great graphics
  • Great cars
  • Great tracks
  • Great presentation
  • Plays extremely well


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